Gas lost globally

through leakage each year:

300 Billion

megawatt hours

£16 billion
that simply vanishes
into thin air

The methane released
into the atmosphere =
1.7 billion
tonnes of CO2e

Which is similar to

4 x total CO2

emissions for the UK

The bottom line

Utonomy’s Active Grid Management automatically optimises network pressure keeping it as low as possible while maintaining statutory minimums.

Lower average pressures mean lower leakage. A 25% reduction means 25% less leakage.

The cost of optimising pressure per GWh of methane saved is 5% of the cost of mains replacement.

Our intelligent devices can be retrofitted in 1-2 hours. Once installed, they connect securely to Utonomy’s cloud-based software.

Typical payback is less than 3 years.

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