Use of bio-methane produces
92% less greenhouse gas
compared to natural gas.

Without feed-in management, you could be losing
as much as 40% of that potential.

Utonomy’s feed-in management

lets you dynamically control and optimise the gas pressure in medium-pressure networks so you can inject the full output potential of bio-methane plants.

Data platform AlgorithmsSW applications mBAR C C Output pressure is transmitted to thedata platform.The continuously updated control model is sent to the governor Low point data loggerrecords pressure levelsand transmits them tothe data platform Actuator changes governor pressure WITHOUT UTONOMY – DAY During the day, high consumer demand results in lower pressure in the medium pressure supply. At this lower pressure, biomethane (shown in green) can be added to the natural gas (blue). Weather &other data D

Traditional bio-methane feed in

In traditional systems, governor setpoints are adjusted manually, typically twice a year. The bio-methane plant injects gas into the medium pressure network at a fixed rate that can’t be changed at short notice.

The problem facing most network operators is that the
amount of bio-methane that can be injected is limited by
the capacity of the system at times of low demand.


One way of overcoming this problem would be to feed the bio-methane back into the high-pressure system at times of overcapacity but this requires costly additional infrastructure. A more cost effective solution is to use the network as a short-term storage or reservoir for additional gas but this can only be achieved by adapting the pressure setpoint dynamically to provide sufficient headroom in the pipeline.

A method of automatically adjusting the governors
that allows maximum feed in of biomethane is required.


Utonomy’s intelligent feed-in management solution adds an intelligent CONTROLLER that communicates with a cloud-based data platform via the mobile phone network. Setpoints are calculated intelligently based on seasonal demand, historical data and forecast demand using factors such as forecast weather and temperature. The governor setpoints are then adjusted via the ACTUATOR to provide optimum network pressure for the situational needs throughout the day.

mBAR C BAR C WITH UTONOMY – NIGHT Utonomy’s system


  • ATEX Zone 0 approved
  • Precise, continuous set point adjustment
  • Retrofitted in less than 1 hour
  • Suitable for all pilot-operated governors
  • Multiple mechanical fail-safes
  • Fail to safe high in the event of power or control signal loss


  • Communicates with the data platform via cellular network
  • Monitors health and operation of governor station
  • Maintains safe operation even after a loss of cellular signal
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries and solar panels


  • Continuously monitor pressure at low points
  • Intelligent alarms alert operators
  • Communicate with data platform via cellular network


  • Manages network devices and stores data
  • Self-learning algorithms use data to optimise network performance
  • Intuitive user interface for network management
  • Displays governor and network performance
  • Manages network alarms


  • Demand in the network varies with temperature and other weather data
  • Historic and forecast weather data is automatically uploaded every four hours
  • Self learning algorithms use the data to help make accurate predictions of optimum governor settings


Continuous control means that gas pressure can be continually optimised, ensuring sufficient headroom to accommodate maximum bio-methane feed in, thus allowing the maximum potential of the bio-methane plant to be realised.

Utonomy’s feed in management

can be quickly and simply retrofitted to existing equipment without costly upgrades or downtime. The actuator is compatible with most pilot-operated regulators, regardless of the manufacturer while the controller is simply connected via a standard mobile phone network. The entire installation is battery powered and can be topped up with a compact solar panel which gives you the flexibility to expand as required. Start with feed in management and quickly and simply add functionality, such as grid monitoring, as and when you need it.

Benefits at a glance

Higher injection capacity – optimises output of bio-methane facility.

Easily retrofitted to existing governors – minimises disruption and installation cost.

Reduced operating costs – automatic control eliminates the need for site visits for manual seaonal regulator adjustment.

Reduced CAPEX – avoid unnecessary investment required for alternative solutions such as pipeline and compressors for injecting bio-methane back into high-pressure networks.

Pressure management by Utonomy:
good for the environment, good for your business.